दिल्ली उच्च न्यायालय विधिक सेवाएँ समिति



As approved by Hon’ble Chairman, DHCLSC, National Lok Adalat is to be held on 10.12.2023 (Sunday) at High Court of Delhi for pending cases under following category:-

i)             Criminal Compoundable Offence

ii)            NI Act cases under Section 138;

iii)          Bank Recovery cases;

iv)          MACT cases;

v)           Labour disputes cases;

vi)          Electricity and Water Bills (excluding non-compoundable);

vii)         Matrimonial disputes;

viii)       Land Acquisition cases;

ix)          Services matters relating to pay and allowances and retiral benefits;

x)           Revenue cases;

xi)          Other civil cases (rent, easmentary rights, injunction suits, specific performance suits) etc;

To facilitate settlements, DHCLSC will conduct Pre-Lok Adalat sittings through hybrid mode w.e.f. 16.10.2023 to 07.12.2023. The parties and their Advocates who want their pending matter to be referred for Lok Adalat, may either make request the concerned Hon’ble Court or with consent of opposite party may approach office of Delhi High Court Legal Services Committee, Chamber No. 35, Lawyers Chambers, Delhi High Court or through email i.e. and Mobile No. 9910556255.